We have a Cloud Media Survice Platform that is able to transfer though and mind through Media.

Large Capacity Cloud Media
Clustering Technology and
Real Time Cloud Live
Processing Technology

Vercoop has acquired the technologies related to large capacity Cloud Media Storage for the world class Cloud based Media services and Cloud based Media Processing Technologies to link the respective media with various devices and provide various content services, resulted from pushing on R&D for a very long time.

Core of the large capacity Cloud Media storage technologies is Cloud based Media storage, search and real time conversion technology that is able to minimize delay with optimization algorithm and deliver the services upon a number of accesses and searches, etc. at the same time. With this, it is possible to link various media services based on the distributed system and clustering and provide contents in optimal performance.

Real time live processing technology is a media processing technology to provide codec and protocol optimized to various screens, and resolution and bit rate variably optimized to various networks, and it has the highest level of Cloud live processing technology to allow real time live. It enables real time/non-real time Cloud based media processing and provide various media services such as high definition and high fidelity real time broadcasting, on-demand broadcasting n requested from the respective device and properly display it to the device; service components for various APPs to position and configure various service functions on the desired locations; Content Policy Engine to synchronize policy of the respective contents (charged, free of charge, charged for a specific time base, advertisement based contents, etc.), etc. are complexly configured to publish synchronized application on various screens with own UI and UX.

Vercoop provides complex and fine App Building Platform to allow inconsistent scenarios, UI and UX to be published on each device based on Native APP, through which can publish its services to the customers in real time by selecting and linking service components very easily and intuitively from its viewpoint and applying required UI design.