Native App Platform

Some clicks simply create various high quality APPs.

Even with Cloud based media processing technology, the contact point from which the customers consume the contents is APP that is software installed on various devices. As mobile, pad, Smart TV and OTT as well as PC need APP to send the ordered contents, Vercoop provides Native App Building Platform to allow creating various services to App using contents stored or linked to Cloud.
With this, various customer classes – TV station, radio station, broadcasting production, studio, Content Aggregator, e-Learning service, corporate TV service – may configure design and service flow to fit with its purpose and directly distribute its APP to the customers. It provides epoch-making Native APP Service Creation Platform to allow service planning and designer to create and operate high quality services within very short time without additional programmer required.

Many companies having contents or digital distribution right are able to directly create and publish App services available for every screen that provides services such as advertisement based free contents service or those base restricted or content purchase services, etc., and the customers are able to consume contents every screen set by the service providers even though they purchase the contents on any other device. This new form of content consumption enjoys highly increases demands, and large capacity Cloud Media Processing Technology and Native App Platform of Vercoop enable both small and large organizations to configure and provide services by themselves without employment or help of the professionals.