Online Media Platform

Cloud based Media Service Platform is a start of the future

Cloud Media Service Platform is
a Core Technology for
New Media Users.

How is it convenient if you can see the video in my PC during the break time that you started to view when leaving my home in the morning and connect it to my HDTV in your home after office?
How pleasant is it to operate the service if a company, associate or individual having contents does not develop or manage them for each device but a specific service APP is automatically created, service policy or UX is updated in real time, the contents are optimally transmitted to every screen through Cloud media platform and it is possible to provide the users with various functions by some few clicks? It is just Cloud Media Service Platform of Vercoop that makes these new media services possible.

Cloud Media Service Platform ( CMP ) of Vercoop is a media platform for a new age to allow both users and service providers to enjoy and provide various services. Cloud Media Service Platform allows transmitting various media composed of video, voice, images, etc. that the user wants to mobile, tablet, Smart TV, OTT, PC, etc. through fast and correctly identified various devices, resolution, network status, etc. requested by the user.
Various service configurations and policies defined in Vercoop Cloud Media Service Platform are consistently applied to every screen.

You can exchange opinions and sympathy with your friends while writing comments while listening video or music. You can ask question to the teacher and receive answer while listening lectures. You can also appreciate contents on various screens regardless to device that you have watched and listened.

"Cloud Media Platform of Vercoop is an end-to-end Cloud based Media Service Platform to allow creating complex and hierarchical services rather than simple encoding or trans-coding and providing to the user designated by the operator"

What is complex and hierarchical Media Service Platform?

Hierarchical Media Service Platform allows the service provider to define scope and access right of the various services to be provided to a specific group or a specific user or unspecified individuals, etc, when creating services. It enables configuration of different services for each group or individual with same platform. For example, it is possible to provide movie services for unspecified individuals, e-learning service for a specific group only or internal TV service connecting the same region or the same company network, etc. by configuring them with different hierarchy using the same platform.

Complex Media Service Platform refers to a media service to complexly interconnect various additional services rather than those services simply sending data such as video, audio, image, etc. With this, it is possible to enjoy chat or SNS while viewing video, report the broadcasting station of video or photo, or enjoy chat or send question while listening a lecture. In addition, with only a mobile phone, it is possible to transmit live movie or audio anywhere any time to allow the people over the world to listen them. Through the complex Media Service Platform, the service provider is able to fast and easily create services that the users want to be effectively synchronized regardless to devices and apply new services in real time.

What is End-to-End Cloud based Media Service Platform?

Most of other Media Service Platforms generally are delivered by combining many software components from different companies to process video, audio, image, etc., reconfigure them for its own purpose, and this also increase burdens to make and manage different APPs for each device . It takes a lot of time and cost to develop and maintain individual service or service Apps for Smart phone, tablet, Smart TV, PC, OTT, etc. For this reason, large or small companies or groups having a lot of contents need to operate several tens or several hundreds of platform development and operation employees for its own media platform development and maintenance, and they think it is impossible to launch media service with their own platform .

Cloud Media Service Platform of Vercoop is automatically connected to NAP (Native App Platform) of Vercoop, so that anyone can easily create and launch services.

End-to-end Cloud based platform refers to a new concept of Media Service Platform to provide all components from the start to the end of App and various services to be transferred from contents to the customers in Cloud PaaS and SaaS methods through Cloud based Media Service Platform and Native App Platform