Recruitment Guide

Technology to link the people through all of visual and auditory media is the future of Vercoop.

We are searching for the talents
who will come together with Vercoop.

Vercoop is a young venture business established to create surprising Media Service Platform in a leased semi-basement garage in California, USA. As it requires very diverse experiences, knowledge, technologies to carry out actual development and enormous time and efforts to create Media Platform with small manpower, we have completed the platform initiated and designed through several steps of projects one by one. Now Vercoop is an R&D oriented organization divided into two teams of Cloud Media Service Platform and Cloud App Building Platform located in USA and Korea , and has a plan to establish a business team for extension.


Positive and progressive talents without problem to directly face with and overcome any situation and environments at any time

Open Mind

Talents who can open mind and though under various situations, and talk and discuss under any situation


EQ type talents who can sympathize with and figure out emotional services for the customers and users even with a technology oriented company


Talents who can find out opportunities with different view and thought when others say difficult


Talents who have business capability to adjust, harmonize and fit diverse opinions and views


Self-controlled and self-motivated talents who can endure tedious and long lasting fight of platform development


Talents who can make business cooperation and teamwork with inclusive view to the company and target