Cloud Media Service Platform Enable the service operator to design
various service to automatically be published to various screens.


The platform of the Vercoop comprises various sub platformsthat closely interwork with each other.

Cloud Media
Cloud Media Infra
Cloud Media Platform is the core infrastructure of media processing which processes video, audio and other multimedia data both in real time and non-real time at the cloud. It automatically converts the format and protocol of the media contents to deliver contents ready for various devices and also optimize the resolution, video and sound qualities to each destination’s environment. Vercoop’s Cloud Media Platform is designed , developed and applied to cover from small enterprise to large global network based broadcasting.
Cloud Live
Cloud Live Broadcasting
Cloud Live Platform is one of media platform functions, and it processes the live broadcasting which is mission-critical. The video and audio can be broadcasted live wherever and whenever simply with a PC or smartphone, and it can be very easily connected with professional broadcasting system. The cloud live media server processes everything from HD grade broadcasting or OTT or Smart TV to general mobile protocols in real time for the global content transmission.
Native Mobile
App Builder
Service Creation
App Builder is a powerful service creation platform which automatically connects to the cloud contents management system of the Vercoop to allow the user to change the design to their taste and create a service flow to develop each own app. It provides templates and designs and combines additional features designated by the user such as calling, messaging, find directions, and connection to social media to constitute user’s own service. The design and service flow can be changed freely even after the app is distributed, and it also provides various user statistics.
Smart TV
App Builder
App Creation
While Smart TV is distributed at a fast rate, there are only few places that can develop Smart TV app. Unlike Apple and Android phones, Samsung and LG have the highest market share around the world for Smart TV app. Vercoop provides the builder for developing Smart TV service which is a totally new area compared with the mobile, and the builder easily creates the Smart TV app which simultaneously accommodates mobile service structure and policies.
OTT Service
OTT Platform
OTT is the abbreviation for “Over The Top”, and it is a massively destructive service capable of developing your own subscriber based video service by distributing open STB through the existing internet network. Vercoop provides a platform capable of operating independent OTT-based video service which covers subscriber management and billing, member management including OTT STB. Using the platform, you can provide a global media service over the limitations of cable TV and satellite TV which are bound to their regions.